Planescapin' - Part 1

Written by BlueFlames

Well, I finally decided to stop* griping about my DM and take up the reigns myself. Ironically, because I'm the only one in my group not taking 18 hours of 400-level courses, my player base is one that I've never before gamed with. The upshot of that is that they don't know what they should be expecting, but I'm just as in the dark about them. It should be a learning experience.

I've been spending the last couple nights building NPCs and baddies, while they've (theoretically) been finishing up their backstories. Without going into too much detail, the plan is for them to be sent on a mission prevent a disastrous end to a war. Said mission leads them on a chase through a portal and into the planes. Since no plan survives first contact with the players, though, I'll be sure to keep you updated with what actually happens.

To-date, character sheets (and not a whole lot else) are done. They'll be setting out with a half-elf melee ranger, a human paladin, a human barbarian, a human samurai, and a human sorcerer. Yeah, local priests are already brewing the cure potions and packing them in cases of twelve.

* -- By 'stop,' I mean 'continue indefinately.' What a powergaming twit he was.


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