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Feel free to make use of the following Signature Images across our forums or others you use under the SSX/STR tags.

All images provided here were created by STR-MS. Our thanks to him for the time and effort he has put into creating them.

STR Signature 1
STR Signature 2
SSC Signature 1
SSX Signature 1
SSX Signature 2
SSX Signature 3
SSX Signature 4
SSX Signature 5
SSX Signature 6

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Jorg Ian Floren @jorgianfloren - 2h

I'm still looking for good #evefanfest meme shirts Recommendations appreciated

Whizbang Sizzleteeks @MrWhizbang - 2h

Definitely need To Tame A Land, Flash of the Blade, the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, and Mother Russia…

Jorg Ian Floren retweeted

EVE Online @EveOnline - 2h

Check out the latest In Development video for March 2018 which covers all the things that were deployed yesterday w…

Jorg Ian Floren retweeted

Maarten Balliauw @maartenballiauw - 2h

Look! It's a Roslyn analyzer for @xunit doing its thing in @JetBrainsRider ! (both analysis and quick-fix)

Edward Gardner @edwardgardner - 4h

Austin should be very careful for the next few weeks. I’d bet money there are packages enroute or in place.…

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