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Feel free to make use of the following Signature Images across our forums or others you use under the SSX/STR tags.

All images provided here were created by STR-MS. Our thanks to him for the time and effort he has put into creating them.

STR Signature 1
STR Signature 2
SSC Signature 1
SSX Signature 1
SSX Signature 2
SSX Signature 3
SSX Signature 4
SSX Signature 5
SSX Signature 6

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Edward Gardner @edwardgardner - 54m

The kids will be away for a week next week. Anyone feel like entertaining?

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concrete dog (#LinkyBrains) @concreted0g - 2h

@WokStation @orionrobots @GuildOfMakers Ooh to be a flaneur is my most favourite thing! Although pretty sure women…

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Laura 🐎🌊 @uisgebeatha - 2h

'Can I kick it? We need your permission to keep kicking it after May 25' #GDPRday #ptop

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Dan Rather @DanRather - 2h

Diplomacy requires patience and flexibility. Those who practice the craft must understand the difference between rh…

QuantumDelta @QuantumDelta - 3h

Time for some #OverwatchAnniversary2018 loot box farming! Running a little late but will be online soonish on……

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